#GivingTuesday — Prepare Your Community to Prosper!

2 Dec

  #GivingTuesday Help Us Prepare Your Community to Prosper! By supporting CARD on this #GivingTuesday hundreds of communities will have access to the tools they need to Prepare to Prosper! Yes, someday we will have another big earthquake or fire, and we are helping even the most marginalized communities learn how to be powerful in […]

Prizes, Prep, and Poker, Fundraiser for CARD! Friday, May 16th

5 May

 Sign up Today! www.Play2Prosper.eventbrite.com Win AWESOME prizes, have fun, eat, drink, play, AND you’ll be making your community safer and more prepared! Join us for: Fabulous food, drinks, luxurious tournament prizes (including a 7-day resort stay in Hawaii, the Bahamas, or Virgin Islands*, a 6-hour wine tour for 2 in Napa vineyards**, and more!) Silent […]

CARD Participates in the 100 Resilient Cities Centennial Challenge

16 Mar

CARD is excited to participate in the 100 Resilient Cities Centennial Challenge, generously funded by the Rockefeller Foundation. Ana-Marie Jones will attend the 2-day kickoff conference held at the Presidio, along with participants from the four selected Bay Area cities (Oakland, Alameda, Berkeley, and San Francisco.) Ana-Marie will look to share the community-oriented, alternative approaches to preparedness that have been […]

From our partners at the City of Oakland:

13 Mar

Learn, Lead, Lift Emergency Preparedness Training – In March, the Oakland Public Library will be hosting emergency preparedness training classes. The classes use CARD-Collaborating Agencies Responding to Disasters’ widely known SKIP Kit (Safety Kept in Place) training which has been adopted by the City of Oakland to engage all residents in becoming prepared for emergencies. […]

Celebrating The Nonprofit & Philanthropic Partnership

16 Nov

Nonprofits and Funders are an AWESOME combination! For centuries, faith agencies and service groups have worked to provide essential services to people in need, often providing the types of support that families normally provided. Whether it’s help with childcare, financial assistance, care when we are sick, protection from threats, eldercare, shelter in a storm, food […]

Oakland Nonprofit Leader Receives Recognition For Emergency Management Innovations

25 Oct

Oakland Nonprofit Leader Receives Recognition For Emergency Management Innovations  Ana-Marie Jones Selected for Induction into International Women In Homeland Security and Emergency Management Hall of Fame   Oakland, CA – October 25, 2013:  Ana-Marie Jones, Executive Director of CARD – Collaborating Agencies Responding to Disasters, is one of 19 women to be recognized by the International […]

EverydayPrep – Creative uses for garbage bags!

27 Sep

You know that we, here at CARD, are champions of fast, fun and easy preparedness! Our goal is to help you walk the world sustainably prepared by turning your everyday brilliance into your disaster resilience. Whether it’s ramping up your ability to look at what you always have on hand in different ways, or tweaking […]

Happiness = Preparedness = Happiness

7 Aug

We really liked TinyBuddha’s list of “51 Things to Make You Smile” and we love that so many of the suggestions increase readiness in a fun, fear-free way. Here’s our crib sheet to help you embrace the preparedness wisdom buried in the first 12 of TinyBuddha’s tips. Feel free to add your own suggestions! From TinyBuddha: 1. Call a […]

Sharknado – The Lessons Are Real!

22 Jul

Today’s Couch Potato Preparedness lessons are brought to you by the movie, Sharknado. Preparedness lessons are everywhere. Sometimes they are obvious, sometimes they aren’t, but we always strive to make them fun. Here are a few lessons we have learned from the recent Sci-Fi movie, Sharknado: When a tornado is raining down debris or KILLER […]

Summer Safety

1 Jul

Summer is upon us, so it’s time for purveyors of preparedness to bust out their warm weather wisdom. With 4th of July coming, fireworks and barbecues will bring the opportunity to refresh fire safety practices. Having a fire extinguisher and knowing how to use it (P.A.S.S. = Pull, Aim, Squeeze, Sweep); knowing what to do if clothes catch on fire (Stop, […]